Earn cash-back when you shop through MyPoints portal on Amazon, Walmart and Target. Just did what you usually do when online shopping. You will earn rewards points on purchases.

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Paid Surveys

You can earn money by just giving out your opinion through online paid surveys. It is easy and does not required any special skills.

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Website Evaluator

You can earn money as a website tester. You don't need any special skills on programming. Just follow the instruction and test the website like a normal customer and you will get paid.

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Forex Trading

If you love reading charts and analyze data. You have potential to become a Forex Trader. However, this required a very special an unique skills to qualified as a Forex Trader.


PTC - Paid to view ads

There are lots of company out there paying you to view their ads. Yes, very simple, just sit and view.


Get Paid for Searching

You know what, you can get paid by just searching on Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay. Qmee is an add-on to your browser and will display extra search result when you are searching on the internet. Click on their result and you will get paid.

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